A Pastoral E-pistle

As the summer approaches, my life takes on a different pace. Next week I will turn in grades for my students and will celebrate commencement with many I have journeyed with for the past three or four years. Then, on May 18, I’ll bring eleven students from Waco to our farm. Our pastor from Waco, Eric Howell, will teach a May-term class called “Nature as Spiritual Practice.” Melinda and I will host these guests, providing three meals a day for fourteen of us for a week and organizing them into work teams to share the responsibilities of the house, the kitchen, and the garden. Seven of the students will stay with our neighbors down the county road, who are retired from Baptist ministry.
I’ll take them back to Waco on May 24 and then return to the farm. Melinda and I will spend most of the summer here, working on our garden, writing, and sharing life with you all at First Baptist Church.
As announced last Sunday, I’ll soon be around the church an extra day each week, spending some time with our staff and sharing in pastoral care needs. If I can be of any help to you as your pastor, please call the church
office and they will help facilitate a call or visit.
Know that your staff and I pray for you all as a congregation and for individual needs as we are aware of them. Keep your staff in your prayers during these days, as they are carrying a bit heavier burden than usual.
Pray also for leaders among your church council, your deacons, and other leadership teams, since they, too, are shouldering a larger load of responsibility than normal.
These are days of change, which means that God is at work among us. We are called to love God more deeply and to love each other unselfishly. We are called to demonstrate our faithfulness in worship and in service as we
wait on the Lord.
Jesus is Lord,

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