Minister of Worship (Full-Time)
The Minister of Worship will help build a new, multi-generational worship environment as they move from services with multiple musical styles to one unified expression utilizing band, choir, small group vocals and other instrumentalists.  
Communications Director (Full-Time)
The Communications Director will serve FBC Boerne by providing and overseeing effective communication to those within FBC Boerne as well as to those in the larger community. The essential functions of the Communications Director will be to oversee anything people will read, touch, or click that represents FBC Boerne.
Executive Director (Full-Time)
The Executive Director provides leadership and oversight to day-to-day church operations, especially its facility, business, and personnel-related processes.  This Director is responsible for the church’s legal and financial affairs, insurance and risk management, human resources administration, information management, facility management, and oversight of the use of its venue. 
The Executive Director reports to the Senior Pastor and will be appraised by him.  This person will be employed by the church on a full-time, exempt, salaried basis via an employment contract that specifies salary and benefits.  The work schedule for this individual will be Monday to Friday, although there is a need for a visible presence in the worship services and attendance at some church meetings held in the evenings and on weekend days.