Date: June 14, 2020

Bible Text: Ruth 1:1-3 |


Growth Group Discussion Questions

1. Elimelech’s name means, “My God Is King.” Naomi’s name means, “sweet or pleasant.” Does your name have a special meaning behind it? Why did your parents choose this name for you? If God named you, what do you think he would call you?
2. When you sin does that mean you are no longer a child of God? What should you do when you sin? Will God ever stop forgiving? Why?

1. What does “leaving a legacy” mean?
2. Parents: Name a man in your life who left a legacy? For better or worse what impact did he have in your life?
3. Students: Tell your parents of the legacy they are leaving for you!
4. How is the culture Elimelech lived in similar to ours?
5. As a family brainstorm some connection time, an adventure or fun time together.

1. What stood out to you from the sermon?
2. After Israel was led out of Egypt and saw all of God’s love and power, why did they turn to other false gods? Why do we sometimes do the same thing?
3. How did Elimelech respond to famine and crisis? How should he have responded?
   a. What biblical characters can you think of who appropriately turned to God In times of crisis?
   b. How do you normally respond in times of crisis? When you get squeezed in the trials of life, what comes out?
   c. How can you continue to improve the way you respond?
4. What legacy are you leaving? What legacy do you want to leave?
5. Is God done forgiving? How does the answer to that question affect our Christian faith?

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