Date: June 28, 2020

Bible Text: Ruth 2 |


Growth Group Discussion Questions

1. Ruth is in a vulnerable position – being a woman, a widow, and a foreigner. But Boaz shows radical kindness to her by allowing her to harvest leftover crops from his fields with his maids. Boaz went against the normal behavior of society by being nice to Ruth. How can you be radically, extravagantly nice to someone who may not be liked by other people? Would that be hard or easy for you to do?
2. God promises to never leave us, and as believers, we have the Holy Spirit in us. God fills us up. Talk about a time when you really needed God's help for something and He answered your prayer.
3. God encourages us to ask Him, through prayer, for the things we need. What will you ask God for today?

1. Like Pastor pointed out how Naomi and Ruth went through great suffering, has there been a time when the Lord has allowed you to go through a period of intense loss?
2. In that period, did you see the Lord restore you and “fill you up” per say? How so?
3. In the midst of that suffering where did you turn to for comfort? What was/is your mud pie? What are common “mud pies” in today’s world? How can we avoid falling into desire for things that do not satisfy?

1. What stood out to you from the sermon?
2. Boaz is a great example of showing generosity while affording the dignity and expectation of work over a simple handout. How can we emulate Boaz?
   a. Read James 1:27. What can we be doing to better care for orphans and widows?
3. Read Luke 11:1-13. What does this passage teach us about God’s character?
   a. What does God want to give to His children?
   b. Do we tend to pray more for physical needs/wants or for the Lord to fill us spiritually (i.e. the fruit of the Spirit)? Why?
4. Do we seek God and grow more in times of prosperity or times of hardship? Why?
5. God allowed Naomi and Ruth to be broken by difficult circumstances not to leave them there, but to fill them up Himself. Would anyone like to share a time where they have seen God do this in their own life?

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