Date: July 5, 2020

Bible Text: John 6:12-13 |


Growth Group Discussion Questions

1. As Christians, we sometimes fall into the trap that we think we have to look like we are living a perfect life to others. However, God sees your hurts, your secrets, your fears. He is our great healer and forgiver. What in your heart hurts that you want God to heal? What do you need to ask God to forgive today?
2. Have you ever done something you knew was wrong but pretended that what you did was all right? Could you ever make yourself believe that it was all right? How can you invite the power of Jesus into this situation to allow Him to redeem this part of your life?

1. Think back on a time in your life when you went through a great trauma, heartbreak, failure (moral or otherwise) or disappointment. How did you respond to it; where did you run?
2. In what ways, if ever, have your tried to clean yourself up before coming to Christ? What was the outcome? How do you think the situation would have gone if you had simply laid down everything at the feet of Jesus?

1. What stood out to you from the sermon?
2. Describe a “broken world” experience that you have struggled to embrace as part of the story of your life.
3. Are there ways in which this experience continues to haunt or hinder you so that whole-hearted living is sabotaged? What are some ongoing symptoms that healing still needs to take place?
4. What would it look like to welcome Jesus into this room of your heart and begin to allow him to redeem this piece of your life?
5. How might God use your story to encourage others whose lives have been broken by their own “broken world” experiences?
6. God doesn’t want our best…He wants our brokenness! Agree or disagree? Why?

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