Date: August 23, 2020

Bible Text: Matthew 6:9-10 |



Growth Group Discussion Questions

1. What stood out to you from the sermon?
2. There is a natural progression and inevitable flow in the first three petitions of
the Lord’s prayer.
• God Your name (look up to God in Heaven)
• Your Kingdom (look around and observe as we seek His Kingdom here)
• Your will (kneel and surrender to Him)
How does this progression help guide us in prayer?
3. What are some of the differences between the kingdom of the world and God’s
   a. Read Matthew 28:19-20. What is the Kingdom Adventure that God is
calling us to? (Rhetorical question unless you want to share – Do you
know your purpose in the Kingdom Adventure?)
4. Read Matthew 5:13-16.
   a. What are some of the things salt and light are useful for?
   b. What does it look like for our church, our growth group, your family, and
each of us personally to be salt and light?
5. Do we cry out for God’s Kingdom to come here and now? Or are we more guilty
of retreating into holy huddles and letting society go its wicked way?
   a. How can we be more spiritually observant and sensitive to the prompting
of the Holy Spirit?
6. Spend some time praying that God’s Kingdom would come here and now. Pray
that each of us would surrender ourselves to His will.

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