Date: June 7, 2020

Bible Text: Luke 14 |



Growth Group Discussion Questions

1. Hospitality is showing friendly generosity to others. How can you be hospitable to
your family today? How can you be hospitable to people you don't know?
2. In this story, God has set the table for a big feast. Who does God want to come?
3. Jesus is inviting you to the feast. Would you accept the invitation? Why or why not?

1. What does it mean to be humble, broken and needy before the Lord
2. Tell of a time you needed to hold your tongue in a faith conversation. Was it hard or
easy? How did it make you feel?
3. Tell about a time when you have been vulnerable before the Lord. Is it hard or easy
to admit we NEED him?
4. Talk about a time when you thought you could accomplish life all by yourself. How
did that go? How did you discover your need for Christ?
5. Why do you think our culture says to believe in yourself? How can you live a counter
culture life to show people we need Jesus?

1. What stood out from today’s sermon?
2. Why do you think Jesus was so confrontational and continued to press issues as an
invited guest?
3. How does that apply to us?
4. Read 1 Corinthians 1:18-31, what do you notice about Gods plan to purposefully use
the weak?
5. Pastor Jason’s second point was that a disconnect with the most vulnerable is a
disconnect with God Himself. Talk about that in this passage, and the whole of the
6. How does this apply to our current cultural crisis?

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