Date: April 5, 2020

Bible Text: Luke 22:32-46, Isaiah 53:10 |



Growth Group Discussion Questions

1. Could Jesus have saved himself from being crucified? Why do you think He did not?
2. Are you a sinner? Are all of us sinners? How have you been punished when you have sinned, or rewarded when you did something good?
3. Retell in your own words what God did with His one and only son for you and me. What do you have to do to be saved?

1. What punishment do you deserve for your sin?
2. What was so scandalous about Christ’s death
3. Put yourself in the crowd at Jesus’ crucifixion. Do you think you would be scoffing at Jesus or weeping for Jesus? Why?
4. What does Jesus sacrifice mean to you? How has it changed your life?

1. What stood out to you from the sermon?
2. Pastor’s sermon explained why Isaiah 53:10, “The Lord was pleased to crush Him” is utterly scandalous. What three answers did he give?
3. How do you feel when your kids obey, are living a godly life, etc.? When they disobey?
   a. Read Ephesians 1:3-10. We are God’s adopted sons and daughters. In God’s eyes, does He view us any different than we view our kids? How does Christ feel when we obey v. disobey?
   b. What goes through your head when you pause to think of God as your Father?
   c. Compare and contrast Christian discipleship to parenting.
4. God’s love was so great that He sacrificed His Son for us. With everything God did for us, why do we sometimes find it hard to show His love to others? To sacrifice temporal things we have for Him?

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