Date: March 8, 2020

Bible Text: Luke 22:39-46 |



Growth Group Discussion Questions

1. Ponder some of the opposite connections between the Garden of Eden & the Garden of Gethsemane.
2. Why did Jesus die during the Passover festival?
3. Luke 22:45 says that the disciples were physically overwhelmed with excessive sorrow and couldn’t stay awake… what do you think was going on?
4. Luke 9:51, 13:22, 18:31 all tell us Jesus purposefully “set his face towards Jerusalem.” Furthermore John 12:27 tells us He knew full well He had come to this hour to die.  Then why does Jesus ask for any other way in the Garden?
5. Read Jeremiah 25:15, Isaiah 51:17. What is the cup?
6. What does it mean that the Father remains silent and gives no response to Jesus’ cry in the garden?
7. What does Jesus desire, even above his desperate desire to not drink the cup?
   a. What does that mean for us?

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