Date: September 27, 2020

Bible Text: John 4:19-24 |



Growth Group Discussion Questions


  1. What stood out to you from the sermon?
  2. Read John 1:14, 2:19, 3:6, 4:23, 6:35, and 8:12.
    1. What are some of differences in the way worship occurred before and after Jesus’ death and resurrection?
    2. How should we live knowing that we, being filled with the Holy Spirit, are the temple?
  3. Why do we sometimes let tradition become ritual worship? Or why do we sometimes turn non-essentials into essentials and worship them?
    1. How can we guard against worshiping tradition or non-essentials?
  4. Read Colossians 3:17, 3:23; 1 Corinthians 6:20, 10:31; 1 Peter 4:11; and Romans 12:1.
    1. Have you been viewing your work as worship?
    2. Have you been viewing your whole life as worship?
    3. What does it look like for us to be living life as a living sacrifice with everything we do being worship to God? (Think through some specifics.  For example, what does it look like to worship God while you eat, work, parent, budget, etc.?)

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