Travis and Katy Nichols’ testimony on building relationships with local families.

Our family has been involved with HIS Ministry for five years. It is a FBC ministry that partners with Hill Country Daily Bread (HCDB) to serve those in poverty in our community. The ministry focuses on meeting the physical needs and building relationships with the opportunity to share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We began family mentoring because we wanted to be involved in a local ministry that we could do with our children. It has been such a gift to watch our children at an early age learn how to serve and love on people they may not have otherwise come in contact with. Our mentee family has also enjoyed getting to know our children and looks forward to seeing them at our visits. It is our prayer that our family and our mentee family would be mutually transformed by the love of Jesus.

Through this process of building relationships with our mentee family we have loved watching the FBC body of Christ also surround this family. There are people in our church who sit with our mentee family during early service and take them to Sunday School and others that drive them to church. Our mentee family is being served and loved by so many others.

Edwin and Vivan DeJesus’ testimony of building relationships within the Hispanic Community in Boerne.

Being involved with the Hispanic community in Boerne has allowed us to amplify our multi-cultural relationships. Giving us front row seats, to see God move through not just the Hispanic community, but other FBC local missions such as Angel Tree. It’s a blessing to see Angel Tree and Pastor Salvador from Iglesia Bautista Emmanuel come together to serve our Hispanic community during this past Christmas season. On a personal note, I was overcome with emotions, when my father, Carlos Gutierrez suddenly passed away in July 2019. At this difficult time, the Hispanic community and our loving FBC family joined together for my dad’s celebration of life.

Among other things, as parents, we rejoice in hearing both our pre-teens get excited about serving others within our community. Creating lasting friendships and understanding of what living out our Christianity is all about. We can’t wait to see what other collaborations will take place for this upcoming year as we partner with the Hispanic community.

Linda Johnson and Lea Freemyer’s testimony on building relationships with children displaced from family.

FBC local missions at the Meadowland Campus serving children who are displaced from parents, siblings, and other family members. Many of the children will never be allowed to return to their birth families. Lonely, insecure, and frightened about the future, the church is reaching out to share Jesus and His love with each child through building relationships with them. Through consistent devotion and deeds of loving kindness, relationships are established and trust is born in the hearts of the children. Meeting their physical and emotional needs allows the kids to hear the gospel message in truth and trust. Just last month four children received Jesus Christ into their lives, and hope was brought into what seemed to be hopeless situation. God has made the way clear to saturate the campus with His word and His love through the many programs in place on a weekly basis.

These include Bible studies, Youth for Christ Thursdays where scripture and The Action Bible are the focus, birthday parties, and special holiday events to emulate family activity. During the monthly “Sunday Night Live” youth service, the Word is shared and the kids enjoy lots of pizza and ice cream. There are always many other events throughout the year where the ministry has random opportunities to participate on the campus enriching relationships with both the residents and the staff. God is at work in a mighty way, reaching the most vulnerable young people in our society. We praise God for His faithful provision!

We encourage anyone who is interested in serving as a family or as an individual to become involved in these and other FBC local mission opportunities mentioned in this catalogue.