Our vision is to see families and individuals responding to the gospel by caring for children through foster care or providing support to families who are fostering in our church and community.

Prayer Ministry

Sign up and commit to be in prayer for foster families in our church community. Prayer partners may periodically be notified of specific prayer requests or needs.

Meal Ministry

Sign up to be notified when families in our church receive a new foster placement. We hope to provide three weeks’ worth of meals for families with new children in their homes so that the families are able to focus on relationship with the children.

Foster Parents’ Night Out

FBC will provide periodic evenings with childcare for foster families. Because childcare is an ongoing difficulty for foster families, this is an opportunity to give the parents a much needed night off. All volunteers are required to submit a background check form.

Become Certified to Babysit

Foster families are required to only leave their children with certified babysitters. This often proves difficult as there are not an abundance of certified babysitters in our community. The requirements for certification include First Aid/CPR, fingerprints and background check through a specific system, and two classes.


Contact Church Office

Find Support

Ask for Prayer

We have a team of prayer warriors ready to stand with you in prayer when you are struggling. Reach out!

Receive Meals

When you receive a new foster placement, please let us know so that our meal ministry can spring to action. Contact Holly.

Foster Parents’ Night Out

FBC will provide periodic evenings with certified childcare for foster families.