Stories from our Mission Partners

Alto Frio Baptist Camp | Leakey

A Christ-centered retreat center in Leakey, Texas

Since 1920, Alto Frio Baptist Camp has had the same mission: to be a place of God where one can go to experience the serenity of God for renewal, retreat, and spiritual growth. Set in the Texas Hill Country along the refreshing Frio River, seekers of all ages have come to find the peace of God in the beauty of His creation at Alto Frio. Alto Frio is a frequent place for FBC functions, such as the Men’s retreat.

What will people be doing? Enjoying God’s creation, fellowshipping with one another, and experiencing God in quiet moments.

Contact: Karen Murphy

Angel Tree | FBC Boerne

An FBC outreach ministry to students in a local elementary school

Each year FBC members have given faithfully to more than 150 economically disadvantaged students who are affiliated with a local elementary school. These gifts are not just a blessing, but they are an expression and demonstration of God’s love through our church. God’s love was demonstrated by God sending the ultimate gift of His son, Jesus, into and for the world.  Volunteers are needed each year to purchase the gifts, serve at the Angel Tree party, and to help with distribution.

What will people be doing? Gift giving, outreach, and community service.

Contact: Lori Coward

Caregiver Haven Ministry | FBC Boerne

An FBC outreach ministry to local caregivers

Caregiver Haven Ministry provides a safe atmosphere for caregivers to meet bi-monthly on the first and 3rd Thursdays to learn what resources and methods are available in caring for their family members/friends. We bring in skilled and expert professionals of medical, financial, and short/long-term care facilities. Experienced caregivers will offer hands-on information on best practices and procedures relating to caregiving in the home and medical facilities. Any adult responsible for providing 24/7 care for children or adults with chronic, short and long term illnesses is welcome. Adult children, spouses, family friends, and neighbors are also invited to participate in the ministry by adding a closer support to the caregiver.

What will people be doing? Outreach and community service.

Contact: Eda Street