FBC Boerne Weekday Preschool offers a creative developmental program with the guidance and instruction of qualified and certified teachers.

All students are involved in our Christian educational program, which combines social interaction and free play with planned learning time.

Our youngest children are one-year-olds. We tell them stories and help them experience art and social interaction. We treat them with tender loving care.

Our two-year-old classes concentrate on motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and social contact with other children. They enjoy nursery rhymes, stories, music, and art activities such as painting. They learn shapes, colors, and numbers.

In our three year old classes, the children familiarize themselves with numbers and letters through fun games and activities, and also through structured times of listening, verbalizing, and writing when ready. They experiment with scissors, glue and other art media.

The four- and five-year-old pre-K classes enjoy our readiness program for kindergarten. This broad program consists of learning the alphabet and phonic sounds, numbers, music, and physical activities, all of which are  presented in a fun way.

Our curriculum is based on phonics, which give children the opportunity to read and write. We also offer computer and Spanish classes. Your child’s preschool years are very important. Our staff of Christian teachers wants to help provide your child with an enriching experience as well as nurturing and tender loving care.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”
– Proverbs 22:6




  • Ages 1 – 5 Years
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30am–2:30pm

  • Extended care 8:15am–9:30am & 2:30pm–4:30pm

  • After-school Spanish and computer classes available for 4-year-olds

Please note (PS) means wear Preschool shirt, (SL) means bring a sack lunch.

Aug. 18, 20, 25 – Teacher Work Days

Aug. 27 – Orientation Day-Children come to Preschool from 11am-12pm to meet teacher.

Sept. 1 -PARENT Welcome reception in Family Life Building at 9:30am and first day of Preschool.

Sept. 8 – SPANISH After School Program for 4’s begins.

Sept. 10 – COMPUTER After School Program for 4’s begins.

Sept. 17 – Preschool Fundraiser begins!! Help us raise money for children’s building & playground.

Sept. 24 – Firemen visit Preschool.

Oct. 1-Dads & Donuts Day for 4’s only. Dads invited 9:30-10:30am for share time with their child.

Oct. 6 – Park Field Trip for Linda, Andrea, Chantel, & Michelle – 4’s (PS/SL)

Oct. 8- Park Field Trip for Kriste, Heidi, Christi & Kathy – 4’s (PS/SL)

Oct. 8 – Preschool Fundraiser ends. Please have all envelopes turned in by today.

Oct. 20 – Individual School Pictures – ALL 3’s & Stephanie Hierholzer 1’s-bring $ in envelope for pictures.

Oct. 22 – Individual School Pictures – ALL 4’s & Kelly’s 1’s classes-bring $ in envelope if you want pictures.

Oct. 27 – Individual School Pictures – ALL 2’s & Karol’s classes-bring $ in envelope if you want pictures.

Oct. 29 – School Fall Festival for all children during school. NO costumes please. See your child’s teacher for what you can bring for goodies.

***Nov 3.- OPEN HOUSE for all children and parents. 6-7pm

Nov. 3 – Reid Thomas Horse Ranch Field Trip for Chantel, Michelle, Linda & Andrea – 4’s (PS/SL)

Nov. 5 – Reid Thomas Horse Ranch Field Trip Kriste, Heidi, Kathy & Christi – 4’s (PS/SL)

Nov. 19 – Thanksgiving Feast day. Children dress up like Pilgrims and Indians, costumes made at school. Please bring **Donations for Mexico children-short sleeve shirts, shorts, & flip flops

***Nov. 24 & 26 – Closed for Thanksgiving

Dec. 8 & 10 – Children practice music in sanctuary for Christmas program.

Dec. 15 – Preschool Christmas Program and Party for ALL children & Parents. Program begins at 9:35am (Remember your Special Gift)

****Dec. 17 – Jan.6 – Closed for Christmas Holidays. May you have a joyous Christmas season!

Jan. 7 – Welcome back. Zoo Show comes to Preschool!

Jan. 7 – Gymnastic Field Trip for Erica, Stefanie R. & Kathleen – 3’s (PS)

Jan. 12 – HEB Field Trip for Chantel, Michelle, Andrea & Linda – 4’s (PS)

Jan. 14 – Gymnastic Field Trip for Bonnie, Shelly, & Holly – 3’s (PS)

Jan. 19 – HEB Field Trip for Kriste, Heidi, Christi & Kathy – 4’s (PS)

Jan. 21 – Gymnastic Field Trip for Stephanie H., Marina & Michelle B2’s (PS)

Jan. 26 – Moms & Muffins Day 9:30am-10:30am for 4’s only. Moms come for short share time & snack.

Jan. 28 – Gymnastic Field Trip for Jeri, Kim, & Susan – 2’s

NOTES-Spring Break Vacation March 9-11 May 18-Graduation May 20-June 3 – CAMP Preschool-$135 due by April 27th.

*Teachers need parent volunteers for Field Trips and parties. Sign up in your child’s classroom.

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Please note (PS) means wear Preschool shirt, (SL) means bring a sack lunch.

Feb. 2 – REGISTRATION FALL 2021. PRIORITY FOR CURRENTLY ENROLLED CHILDREN & SIBLINGS. After Feb. 15th, registration will be open to the public. Please return your form & NON-REFUNDABLE $165 Registration fee to your teacher. Feb. 4 – 3 & 4’s- Pajama day. 3’s & 4’s classes – wear PJs to school.

Feb. 9 – Library Field Trip-Erica, Stefanie R., & Kathleen – 3’s (PS/SL)

Feb. 11 – Valentine party for all classes. Please bring Valentines with YOUR child’s name on them.

Feb. 18 – Library Field Trip-Bonnie, Holly & Shelly – 3’s (PS/SL)

Feb. 23 – RODEO day

March 2 – Burger King Field Trip-Stephanie H, Michelle B. & Marina – 2’s (PS)

March 4 – Burger King Field Trip-Jeri, Kim and Susan – 2’s (PS)

March 4 – Dentist visits Preschool (4’s only) to tell kids about teeth care: Dr. Rex Wildey


March 18 – Ninja City Field Trip-Chantel, Andrea, Michelle & Linda – 4’s (PS/SL)

March 23 – Ninja City Field Trip Boerne-Kriste, Christi, Kathy & Heidi – 4’s (PS/SL)

March 25 – Teacher Luncheon hosted by Parents

APRIL 1 – REGISTRATION FOR CAMP PRESCHOOL (May 21-June 4) for children currently
enrolled and siblings. After April 20th, registration will be open to the public. Please return your
form with $140 CAMP TUITION to your current teacher.


April 6 – Fire Station trip for Erica, Stefanie R and Kathleen. – 3’s (PS/SL)

April 8 or 15 – TENTATIVE DATE for Sea World for ALL PRE-K classes. (PS/SL) Leave Preschool AT **8am.

April 13 – Fire Station Trip for Bonnie, Holly & Shelly – 3’s (PS/SL)

April 22 – 12:30pm. EARLY DISMISSAL. NO EXT. CARE. Teachers leave for Staff Development Retreat.

May 11 & 13 – Preschool practice music in the Sanctuary.

May 18 – GRADUATION PROGRAM & SWIM FUN DAY-ALL CHILDREN PERFORM! Program will start at 9:30 and end at approximately 10:45am.


May 24 – Monday-Teacher Work Day

August 19, 24 & 26 – Teacher Work Days

Aug. 31 – Orientation Day for Fall 2021. Come meet your child’s teacher from 11am-12pm.

Sept. 2 – First Day of Preschool. Welcome Back!!


FIRST BAPTIST BOERNE PRESCHOOL offers a creative developmental program with the guidance and instruction of qualified and certified teachers. All children are involved in our Christian educational program that combines social interaction and free play with planned learning time. It is our heart’s desire to continue to love and teach our children while paying the utmost attention to their health and safety. We have consulted several local doctors, researched the effect the Coronavirus has had on children, studied the ever-changing CDC guidelines, and consulted many area day care centers that have stayed open during the pandemic. The daycare centers have had great success with children staying healthy as God has blessed our little ones with some wonderful immune systems that protects most of them from any serious illness due to the Coronavirus. However, as encouraged as we are, there are some things we need to communicate with you regarding this Coronavirus and our new policies. Please be patient with us and have grace, as we may have to update the policies as time goes on. We will communicate policy changes when they occur on this website. It is CRUCIALLY important that you remain home if you, your child, or a family member is sick.

Meet the teacher is August 27 from 11am-12pm. Aug. 26th you will get a call from your teacher telling you where and when to meet for Orientation on the FBC campus.

100 degrees is the magic number! If your child’s temperature is 100 degrees or above, you will be asked to leave. Teachers will be taking your child’s temperature before they enter the building and again at lunch time. If you or your child has experienced any of the following symptoms in the last 48 hours, please do not bring your child to preschool:

Fever or chills
Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
Muscle or body aches
Loss of taste or smell
Sore throat
Congestion or runny nose
Nausea or vomiting
Abdominal pain

If your child gets a positive Coronavirus test, please let your teacher know ASAP. They will need to stay home for 14 days and be fever free for 72 hours without any symptoms or medication before they can return to preschool. They will need a medical doctor’s note confirming they are well and a negative COVID-19 test before they can return to Preschool. If your child is in close contact with someone that is diagnosed with COVID-19, please let your teacher know ASP. Your child may not return to Preschool for 7-10 days. All areas used by the person who was confirmed with the Coronavirus will be closed off. The classroom where the sick individual was present will be closed for the remainder of the school week to allow all individuals that were exposed to that area to self quarantine and monitor symptoms. FBC Preschool will communicate when it is safe to return to class if no symptoms or other positive COVID tests have occurred. The building will be cleaned professionally every evening after Preschool and after any other activity.

Music and chapel time will not be done in large group at this time, but in individual classes. Our Preschool calendar events and field trips will be noted as to which activities are tentative at this time. Fewer classes will be on the playground at the same time. There will be more distance between children during lunch and education time. We will be washing hands more often and using sanitizer often between stations and eating. When in very close distance to a child, teachers will wear a mask; however, it is important to comfort crying, sad, or anxious children and they often need to be held. When distancing is not feasible, other measures such as hand hygiene, cough etiquette, cleanliness, and sanitation will be rigorously practiced. Teachers will wear a mask in the hallways or in other classrooms. Teachers will not wear a mask once in their own classroom except for the stated reason above. Nap mats will be sanitized before and after use. Nap mats MUST be vinyl and be 45” long and about 19” wide. No other mats will be accepted. Bring a king size pillow case to cover your vinyl mat. The pillow case will be returned daily to be washed before you bring it back the next day. The mat will be cleaned and stored at Preschool. Our official Preschool bags will be sprayed with sanitizer. NO toys, stuffed animals, or large blankets may be brought to school. Children in 1-3’s classes may bring: Pacifiers, lovies, or a small blanket for nap which will be sent home daily to be washed before returning the next day. All children must bring at least 1 change of clothes in a large baggie in case of accidents.

Adult access inside the Preschool building will be limited to Teachers only except by appointment due to CDC guidelines. Call the director at 210-698-1190 Monday, Wednesday, or Friday — or the Preschool on Tuesday or Thursday at 830-249-4034, if an appointment needs to be made. If an emergency occurs and you need to enter, please ring the doorbell at the front door and someone will come to the door and help you.

DROP OFF AND PICK UP will be at the OUTSIDE doors for classrooms 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109. Your teachers will explain more about that. ALL 4’s classes will have DROP OFF at the back door where the DRIVE THRU is. You will have a sign with your child’s 4 year old name on it. Please put it on the passenger side dash so drop off teachers can see who is coming or needs to be picked up. If you have a younger child and a 4 year old, you can walk your 4 year old around the building to that door, or drive thru the drop off line. All 4’s will be picked up in the same drive thru area or you may walk around the building to pick up IF you have a younger child. Drop off and Pick up for 1-2’s in rooms 101, 111 & 113 will contact you about what to do for those classes.

DROP OFF TIME IS 9:25-9:45. After that you will need to ring the front doorbell to get assistance. Please make every effort to be on time as our staff has started working with children by 9:45. Children may not be dropped off after 10 am as it will disrupt classroom learning. All children will use hand sanitizer as they enter the building.

PICK UP TIME IS 2:10-2:25. After that your child will go to Extended care on the outside playground unless it is raining. If it is raining they will be picked up at the OUTSIDE doors of rooms 103 and 104.

MORNING EXTENDED CARE-DROP OFF begins at 8:15 and will be done at the OUTSIDE doors of rooms 103 and 104.

Teachers will routinely clean, sanitize, and disinfect surfaces and objects that are frequently touched, especially toys and games. All routinely touched surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected daily, for example: doorknobs, handles, light switches, chairs, cubbies, etc. Outdoor areas will be routinely cleaned in high touch areas such as grab bars & railings. All bathrooms will be disinfected throughout the day. All toys/supplies placed in a child’s mouth or ones set aside to be cleaned, will be placed in a dishpan marked “soiled toys” to be cleaned and disinfected by hand, by a person wearing gloves (cleaned with soap and water, rinsed, sanitized with safe cleaning solution, rinsed and air dried.) The cleaning solutions we will use for everything is being used in daycares safely and effectively.

ALL students and staff will engage in hand hygiene often during the days such as before and after eating or before and after diapering. We will wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If hands are not visibly dirty, alcohol-based hand sanitizers with at least 60 percent alcohol can be used if soap and water are not readily available.

FBC Boerne Preschool may or may not follow school district changes or modifications in school year calendars. Upon a change or modification in our surrounding district’s school year calendars, we will make all staff and parents aware of changes that FBC Preschool will be making or not making. If area daycare centers stay open the Preschool may stay open as well. A modification is defined as a planned school year calendar change. In the event of a school calendar disruption due to COVID 19 pandemic and emergency response, FBC Preschool teachers will continue to provide home based learning to children via zoom, Instagram and video texts. A disruption is defined as federal, state, or local authorities such as First Baptist Church closing our center and schools.

Tuition is paid a month in advance to FBC Boerne Preschool and is non-refundable but can be credited to the next month in the event of a disruption. If a parent withdraws due to the disruption, there are no refunds to tuition paid. We are so very appreciative of the many parents who understood this last year and actually donated the tuition paid in advance to teachers’ salaries. We pray this will not happen this year but we do want you to know how much the teachers needed that gift & appreciate what was done for them!

The staff at FBC Boerne Preschool loves your children and will do our very best to make your child’s preschool experience great while teaching them about God’s love and kindness. If you have a concern, please contact Linda Phillips or your child’s teacher and we would love to talk to you.

God bless your family,
FBC Boerne Preschool Staff