A university committed to the preparation of “Next Generation” Christian leaders in Sub-Saharan Africa. AFRU was founded in response to Africa’s great need to develop Christ-centered leadership that would share the compassion of Christ and the gospel of hope in a society that is desperately longing for transformation. FBC served, and continues to serve, as a part of the financial support team for the founding and development of the university. AFRU is Uganda’s 3rd Christian University and they have grown from 35 students to over 500 from nine African countries. 
What will people be doing? Developing influential leaders; Hands-on training; Equipping the local church
Contact:  John Nipp | jnipp@outlook.com
A network of pastors committed to the advancement of the gospel in rural Uganda.
In 1998, FBC began a partnership to support and encourage the vision of a group of Ugandan pastors to plant a church in every village in Uganda that would be led by a pastor who was educated in basic Bible training. Since those early days, there have been more than 1,000 churches planted as a result of this Ugandan ministry. In addition to pastoral training, FBC provides strategic support for a growing farming operation that will invest 100% of its profits to Tree Life Ministries, as well as leadership development, women’s ministries and two primary schools. 
What will people be doing?
Biblically based pastoral training; Education; Job training; Planting churches
Contact: John Nipp | jnipp@outlook.com
A Christian College committed to the Biblical and theological training of leaders in South Sudan. With a 92% illiteracy rate and a population where 72% of the people are under the age of 30, this underdeveloped country is in great need of support. In addition to these statistics, the church leadership in South Sudan is not well trained, and if this does not change South Sudan could gradually turn to Islam. In response to this need, South Sudanese leaders, David and Dieudonne, are in the beginning stages of founding the Rebuilder’s Christian College of South Sudan. FBC has committed to serve as a partner to the founding of the school in hopes of helping develop local indigenous Christian leadership.
What will people be doing? Pastor training; Biblical education; Leadership development
Contact: John Nipp | jnipp@outlook.com
A registered NGO located in Narasaraopet in south east India. ServeTrust’s mission is to holistically minister to the physical and spiritual needs of the marginalized, destitute, sick and forgotten in Indian society.  ServeTrust is an organization with a range of ministries  focused on seeking justice and opportunity for those that society rejects or takes advantage of because they are caught in the debilitating nexus of poverty, hunger, commercial sex work, lack of education, and HIV and other infectious diseases.
Their range of ministries include homes for adults and orphans with HIV, homes for the elderly and leprosy victims, three schools for slum children, computer and sewing schools.
What will people be doing? Caring for the poor; Educating children; Encouraging the work
Contact: Lea Freemyer | leafree@gvtc.com
A Christ-centered orphanage, school, and church community that cares for the rural Quechua of Peru. Started by a deacon of FBC, Casa Del Aguila serves the rural Andean children and the communities surrounding CDA. CDA provides a home for more than 40 orphans, a Christian school for 200 community children, medical and dental care, agricultural jobs, and shares the gospel through its pastoral team and 6 community churches. 
What will people be doing? Orphan care; Education; Evangelism; Discipleship; Community development
Contact: Sherri Layton | slayton@gvtc.com
Founded by American missionaries in 1993, the Kishinev Bible Ministries are now led by ordained Moldovan pastors who remain close to churches in the United States. KBC serves Russian-speaking people through church outreach programs and various projects, such as summer camps, sports events, humanitarian aid and assistance, and medical missions in villages. KBC also founded the Moldova Bible Seminary to train and equip national missionaries for new church plants in Easter European countries and Central Asia (former USSR republics). 
What will people be doing? 
Contact: Lisa Hilgemeier | lhilgemeier@gmail.com
FBC Missionaries sharing the gospel and discipling youth and young adults across the Philippine Islands. Derek and Amanda Ross and their children Sunday, Honor, Canon, Ada, and Eli have served as FBC Boerne Missionaries in the Philippines for over 15 years. In 2002, Derek and Amanda were part of a young marrieds Sunday School class but left the comfort and small town feel of Boerne to serve as missionaries in Manila, the fourth largest city in the world. Today, Derek serves as the National Director of True Love Waits Philippines, a ministry that presents the gospel and disciples youth and young adults through workshops in high schools, colleges, and churches throughout Metro Manila and other parts of the Philippines. The ministry consists of 5 staff and more than 400 volunteers and regional coordinators in 8 regions of the Philippines. This FBC Boerne Mission disciples student leaders on topics including Trafficking, Pornography, HIV/AIDS, Homosexuality, Teen Pregnancy, Falling In and Out of Love and Courtship.
What will people be doing? Evangelism; Discipleship; Leadership development
Contact:  Melissa Brite | mkbrite@msn.com
Russian Baptist Churches that are sharing Christ’s love in their city and surrounding communities. Since 2005, FBC has sent short term mission teams and support to our partner churches in Shadrinsk and Dalmatovo, Russia. These two churches have a heart to reach their cities for Christ. They do this through ministering to the orphanages, rural communities, single parents, special needs adults, homeless, and the large male population that struggles with drug and alcohol addiction. Over the last 20 years, response to the gospel has grown in these areas, and there is a desire to see many more come to know Christ. 
What will people be doing?
Worship; Prayer; Evangelism; Discipleship; Children’s outreach; Alcohol rehab; Homeless care
Contact: Sandra Radtke | radtkesandra@gmail.com
A church with a desire to see Cancun be known more for its faith in God than its beaches. Cancun has grown from a sleepy beach town in the 1970s to a city of almost 1 million. This rapid growth has brought people from around Mexico and Central America looking for work. Vida Life, a bilingual church in the city, seeks to minister to those in the city and to reach the sprawling communities around Cancun through their mission churches. FBC has been a part of this ministry for over 15 years and makes annual trips to continue to serve as a support in evangelism, outreach, and pastoral care. This ministry partner has had a significant number of FBC students serve alongside them over the past 10 years.
What will people be doing? Evangelism; Discipleship; Mission outreach; Church planting
Contact: James Smith | jsmith@fbcboerne.org
A missionary family proclaiming the gospel in poor rural Mexican towns. Pastor Ricardo and his wife have been living out their calling to serve as missionaries throughout northern Mexico. Native Mexicans, they studied in seminary and then were sent out to the border of Mexico and Texas to pastor a Baptist church. Ricardo pastored two churches along the border of Mexico and Texas during a very difficult time of cartel violence. In addition, he was able to start the Baptist Seminary of Northern Tamaulipas, a web-based seminary. His family recently moved to Ciudad Mante to start a new work, where he opened up another branch of the seminary and continues to serve as a pastor. Due to the recent violence in Mexico, FBC has not been able recently to visit Ricardo, but he is faithful to visit FBC and we continue a great relationship.
What will people be doing? Discipleship; Preaching; Church planting; Seminary
Contact: Sandra Radtke | radtkesandra@gmail.com 
Jessica is a long time member of FBC Boerne who is serving with Young Life Club Beyond at Spangdahlem Air Force Base in Germany. Her ministry vision is that every “military brat” would believe in Christ. Her desire is to come alongside teenagers, meet them where they are, love them unconditionally, and use that “foot in the door” to share the gospel with them. She is serving as the Community Director and will oversee the “club” programs for the Spangdahlem Air Force Base.
What will people be doing? Service; Outreach; Discipleship
Contact: Jessica Shipman | jshipman@clubbeyond.org
Perry Shipman | pshipman@fbcboerne.org
Good Shepherd’s Ministries exists to support growth of God’s Kingdom in Mongolia. Led by missionary David Beckett, GSM has built a strong team of young Christian leaders in Mongolia. Through partnership with the Mongolian Evangelical Society, GSM trains and encourages pastors, leaders, and disciples throughout the vast regions of Mongolia. This is a daunting task in an area throughout the difficult rural terrain. The Mongolian Christian Kingdom has spread from only four know Christians, to over 40,000 Christians in the last 30 years. GSM is making sure these first generation Christians receive the discipleship training and encouragement they need. One exciting project launched in 2018 in GSM’s development of the Mongolian Online Christian Resource Center, a high quality online resource that Mongolians all over the world can access to study God’s word and hear sound doctrine in their own language. 
What will people be doing? Service; Outreach; Discipleship
Contact: Terry Taylor | ttaylor@gvtc.com
Salt Block Ministries equips rural Christian leaders in developing nations. Led by former FBC Boerne pastor, Bubba Stahl, SBM provides continuing education, training, and encouragement to indigenous pastors through on-sight teaching, preaching, and providing written leadership materials. Over 500 pastors from Indonesia, Kenya, Mongolia, Peru, Siberia, and Uganda have received training, and there are plans to travel to China and Moldova. One exciting development in 2018 was the opening of teaching opportunities in the headwaters of the Amazon River in Peru, and a second visit is planned to go even further upstream to train pastors at the very tip of the spear in the fight for God’s Kingdom. SBM will return to teach Buriat Tribal pastors in Mongolia and Siberia in 2019.
What will people be doing? Service; Outreach; Discipleship
Contact: Terry Taylor | ttaylor@gvtc.com
A Christian ministry devoted to helping hurting people around the world. FBC members pack and send out hundreds of shoeboxes each year to children around the world. These shoeboxes are distributed by local pastors and community leaders in over 100 countries. The shoeboxes are delivered with the message of Christ and followed up with the Greatest Journey Discipleship program. There is a blessing of giving and receiving on both ends of these shoeboxes. 
What will people be doing? Service; Outreach; Discipleship
Contact: Brandee Lacy | brandee@gvtc.com