We believe that healthy marriages promote healthy families, and healthy families are the cornerstone of the church body.

FBC’s Marriage Ministry is dedicated to seeking Christ, serving others, and building strong marriages in the church body. We do this through dynamic and recurring marriage enrichment classes, premarital education, and mentoring opportunities focused on God’s design for marriage. We constantly seek to foster an environment at FBC that promotes and reinforces the vital role that Christ-centered marriages play in the church body.

Enriching Marriages

We host marriage enrichment classes during the Growth Group hour to offer biblically-sound marriage information/education to couples seeking to grow in their marriage and in their faith.

We also offer periodic retreats or seminars to the church body to provide a couples with a getaway or intensive all-day marriage training.

Restoring Marriages in Crisis

Ministry couples sit down with couples in crisis or seeking divorce, walk them through the Prepare & Enrich assessment, and then tailor sessions designed to bring reconciliation, healing, and restoration to the marriage.

FBC Marriage Team